Produce Specialist

This blog will let you know what delicious, and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables are available in NYC.


I started my journey into the produce world by attending NYIT Culinary Arts program in Old Westbury, NY.

While attending the program, I cooked in many high end restaurants on the weekend, and became fascinated with produce, and how to prepare it.  I was especially fond of exotic ingredients, and really enjoyed adding them to all types of dishes for flavor and appearance.  I wanted to know where stuff came from though, and what items were, like Dragon Fruit, or passion fruit.  I loved discovering new produce items, tasting them, working with them, and really learning as much as I could.

My chefs and teachers noticed my enthusiasm and curiosity towards produce and ingredients, and pointed me towards food sales.  My cooking skills soon became for personal use only (which my friends and family are very happy about) and I jumped into the wholesale food game when I was 22.

I worked with a small specialty produce company for 8 years.  I LOVED IT!  This is where I learned most of what I know today, and am very thankful for that experience.

Had my boss not retired, I would still be there.  But, she did her time and I opened my own produce company soon after.  I shopped Hunts Point Market in the middle of the night, and serviced hotels, restaurants, and corporate dining rooms with their produce needs.  I also explored Chinese markets, Indian, Spanish, and shipped in specialty cargo from California markets as well.  Whatever the chef needed, I found, learned about, and sold to others.

I love this business, I love food, I love to eat fresh produce.

Looking forward to working with you, so please email me questions or inquiries.

Thank you for checking out my blog.


Sarah j


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